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If you want to work with the top San Diego real estate agent, get the best price and favorable terms, and feel great about the outcome when it’s done, you need an expert negotiator. 

Real Estate Negotiations Matter

At its core, a real estate transaction is a push and pull between buyer and seller. Buyers want the best deal. Sellers do too. Both sides of a transaction are looking for every edge to maximize their investment. 

For home buyers who finance their home purchase with a mortgage, the closing price is further multiplied over the lifetime of their loan. On the other side, sellers want to feel like they are getting the most money possible when they part with their property. They may have an emotional attachment to their home, on top of their financial incentive. Decisions can be emotional and not always based on fact, logic and reason. It can seem like a miracle that any deal comes together! 

For the best results, you need an expert negotiator.

Of course, a home is about more than money. A home buyer might love a home so much that they will pay just about anything for it. A home seller might want or need to sell badly enough that price is a secondary concern. But no matter what, you probably do not want to leave money on the table. You probably want to feel that you did the best you could. 

You need an expert negotiator.

Negotiations provide the greatest opportunity for improving the results of your real estate sale. There are many steps involved in listing a home, and each one is valuable. Our team at Caspersen Brothers & Associates is proud to bring decades of experience to our clients, helping them win at every stage. But while things like strategic repairs, improvements, staging, and marketing are important, negotiations create value seemingly out of thin air through skill and tact alone.

Whether your listing receives one or five or fifty offers, you want to make sure you obtain the full market value for the home. It can seem like the results do not vary agent to agent. If you look at marketing plans, you might get the sense that we all do the same thing. Make no mistake, there is a difference.

Would it surprise you to know that a listing agent who is a skilled negotiator can increase the sales price anywhere from 1–10% or more from the highest offer that was originally submitted?

Real Estate Negotiations By the Numbers

Let’s say you put your home on the market. When a good offer comes in, does it make sense to accept the offer or go back for more?

We start with the listing price. Next is the initial highest offer, which the buyer originally submitted. That initial offer is influenced by many factors, including list price strategy, staging, marketing, overall market conditions, and initial negotiations between the listing agent and the buyer or their agent. After the initial offer, we negotiate further to arrive at the final price.

Through precise, strategic negotiations, we are able to boost the selling price by thousands of dollars, even with only one or two offers on the table. Our listings frequently close at a substantially higher price than the initial highest offer.

You really do need an expert negotiator.

Best San Diego Listing Agents | Real Estate Agent Negotiator

While most media depicts the real estate process as one big house hunt (and who doesn’t like to watch couples argue over cabinetry?), it often omits the critical steps that happen after buyers submit an offer. 

Part of an agent’s job is matchmaking, finding buyers a home or finding a home a buyer. The other part of the job is what happens next. What separates the best San Diego real estate agents from the rest is the ability to create additional value for the client.

With a skilled negotiator on your side, you’ll come to a smooth resolution with more money in your pocket. Without a skilled negotiator, you’ll leave money on the table (if a deal is made at all).

You need an expert negotiator.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in San Diego, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact top San Diego real estate listing agents Caspersen Brothers & Associates.

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