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Buying a home is a big decision with a lot of money on the line so it’s important to make sure that you are always protecting your own interests throughout the process. While most house hunters make use of a realtor when browsing San Diego, Oceanside or Encinitas homes for sale by owner, in order to receive assistance in finding just the right fit, buyers contemplating new construction homes in San Diego County sometimes think that this means they don’t need a realtor. This is not the case.

A realtor’s work in your house hunting process is about a lot more than simply finding the home you are looking to buy. Your realtor is an expert in the field, capable of helping during every step of the process, many of those steps still present even when you’re buying one of the new construction homes in San Diego County. Hiring the right realtor can help you avoid a big mistake and save you money on the right decision. Below we’re breaking down some of the important reasons that you may want to take into account before jumping into buying new construction!

All Representation is Not Equal

The main reason buyers opt to forgo a realtor when buying new construction is to save money, however, this is a mistake. Many builders’ model homes have real estate representatives working for them and although it may sound tempting to just work with this person throughout your home buying process, there are some things you should know. When you opt to work with a builder’s representative, you are working with someone who is representing the builder rather than you.  This means that they have the best interest of the builder in mind, not the buyer. Deciding to hire your own real estate agent is electing to have someone that looks out for your best interest, working to get you the best value while making the process a stress-free one for you. That’s exactly what you get when you work with us!

They’ve Seen it All Before

There are lots of little details to consider and small problems to keep an eye out for, even when buying new construction homes in San Diego County. Professional realtors, like ourselves, can bring their years or even decades of experience to the table to help make sure that nothing slips by and comes back to bite you.

They Can Help Catch Warning Signs

A realtor’s most valuable asset, when it comes to assisting you in buying a new construction home, is their experience. Because we have no doubt seen hundreds if not thousands of homes and encountered innumerable problems in those homes, we know when something which seems small can be a sign of a big problem. There’s nothing more disheartening than thinking you’ve found the right home only to have it fall apart during contract because inspection reveals problems you missed the first time. You get your hopes up for nothing and waste time chasing down a doomed-to-fail option.

Negotiations Can Make or Break You

When shopping for new construction homes in San Diego County you’ll ultimately end up at the same point as if you were buying from a previous owner when you reach negotiations. It is vitally important to have a professional working on your behalf when submitting bids and counteroffers in order to make the best possible decisions.

They Can Help Find Financing

The benefits of your realtor don’t end just because you enter contract when buying new construction homes in San Diego County. We have connections in the home financing field who we are happy to put you in contact with. This allows you to get a trusted financing partner and helps to simplify the process of searching.

Expert Eyes For Inspections

Just as we have specific financiers that we would recommend working with, we can also offer you assistance during the inspection as well by serving as another set of eyes to look out for troubles which were missed during your pre-purchase tours. By calling on our prior experience of problems, which have been found in homes our clients were in contract for, we have a long internal list of red flags that we can help check for to avoid unfortunate surprises after you move in.

New construction homes in San Diego County are an excellent real estate opportunity for home buyers, allowing you to truly make a home your own by being its first resident. If you find yourself in the position of contemplating buying a new construction home in Encinitas, Carlsbad, San Diego or other surrounding areas, then we hope you’ll think of us to assist you in this venture. With our years of experience and savvy negotiation skills, we promise to leave no stone left unturned, working tirelessly for your best interest until you’re comfortably settled in your brand new home!

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